Howdy and welcome to the ACMF!

The ACMF is a registered association (Central association register number of the district administration in Liezen: 241114925 ), which exists since 1986.

In January 2020 a new board was elected and currently consists of:
... as President
... as cashier
... as clerk.

The ACMF strives to unite the country-music scene in Austria and to create friendly relationships. Our objective is to be an interesting and informative platform for musicians / bands, organizers, clubs / saloons and of course the guests, audience and line dancers as well as all Country & Western activities such as western wear, country radio programs, etc.

The association is run exclusively on a voluntary basis! Membership fees are never used for administrative expenses such as petrol, or admissions. We cover our own expenses and 100% of membership fees are used exclusively to promote the country music scene (e.g. events, gala, award ceremony). We do not arrange performance opportunities in the sense of a booking agency; however, bands and musicians who are members of the ACMF can present themselves more extensively here.

Feel comfortable here on the site, enjoy browsing and if you want to support us, simply fill out the form and send it off! We would be very happy to welcome you as a new member.

Thanks for coming!

Keep it country, the board of the ACMF